Welcome to Ca l’Angeleta, make yourself comfortable.

Our main goal is to make your house a home, by giving it a touch of colour, life and personality.

We want Ca l’Angeleta not only to be a Homeware and Clothing Brand but also a way of life and a tribute to our family roots.

Ca l’Angeleta will give you what you need when creating a unique and ideal environment in your home, whether this is on the couch with comfortable blankets and cushions or decorating a room with your own personal stamp.

Our natural fabrics and original colours are used to create unique and personal items. In our collection you will find products made from plain cotton and jute, some of which include pieces of crochet. We combine new original and natural fabrics with vintage fabrics to bring you a new and unique collection.

Our handmade products have been created with time, passion and enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.


The story begins when our family sold our grandmother's family house, after our great aunt died, the last of nine siblings. That house belonged to my great-grandparents, who were six single brothers, five of them women. In Spain, it was a tradition for women to prepare "trousseau" for the day they were going to marry and start forming their own family. Well, the women of that house bought all the unimaginable cotton fabrics, they did all the crochet that could be needed. But they never get married and this fabrics was left unused for years, until it appeared when selling the house.

Everything began to make sense: the collection we conceived for enjoying home and family had finally found its soul! All those fabrics, ribbons, crochet are part of the collection, together with new fabrics, in warm colors, adapted to the current days and ways of life, but with the traditional essence. They are pieces with a soul, made with love and patience from the beginning, of which I have tried to respect the hopes and wishes that, long time ago, the people who bought those fabrics assigned to them. What is it better for these fabrics than to end up being part of families?

This is how Ca l 'Angeleta was born: the union of an idea, a dream, and the hopes and wishes that one day five women of our family had.